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Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Doug Flutie 5K Training (Week 7)

D o u g   F l u t i e   5 K  T r a i n i n g
S t a t u s   R e p o r t
Training is on-going. So far to day I have run 21.22 total miles since I started training with only 1.44 miles this week. My average/mi this week was 8:16. For more information visit the Doug Flutie Foundation, or Doug Flutie 5k Info and Sign-up page

D o u g   F l u t i e   5 K  R a c e   D a y  O c t o b e r   5 t h ,   2 0 1 4

8/31: Ran 1.44 miles in 11:52. Avg/Mi 8:16. It was my fastest run since I started training but I really need to focus on increasing the length of my runs. Wednesday I am going to shoot for 3 miles. I would hate to run a fast first half and then die on the second half.

9/2: Bravo Ignite was cancelled with the showroom remodel in full swing.

9/3: With the temperatures in the high 80's and the humidity through the roof I opted not to run

9/4: Bravo Ignite was cancelled with the showroom remodel in almost done

9/5: While it was still humid I couldn't run because right after work I went to Fenway Park to watch the RedSox beat the Blue Jay's in a 9-8 first game of a 3-game series.

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