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Friday, September 5, 2014

Task 33- Catch 2 Live Sporting Events (Boston RedSox vs. Toronto Blue Jay's)

It was a beautiful warm September night at Fenway Park. It would be the first of a 3-game series between the Toronto Blue Jay’s and the Boston Red Sox. We were in our usual field box seats just behind home plate. The seats couldn't be more perfect. With our Italian sausage in hand we were ready for a great game.

The game started with a quick two runs by Toronto’s Cabrera & Bautista in the top of the first. In the bottom of the first Brock Holt singled after with a ground ball. After Pedroia and Ortiz struck out Holt stole second in a daring sprint.Cespedes singled with a line drive giving Holt the opportunity to score.

Toronto failed to score in the top of the second leaving the RedSox a chance to tie it up. It doesn’t start of well with Nava out after a fly ball is caught by Toronto’s Cabrera. Bett’s makes it to first after a walk. Bogaerts singled with a line drive and Betts made it to third. Vazquez struck out on a fly caught by Bautista and Bett’s made a run for it and scored bringing the game to a tie. 

Toronto didn’t manage to score in the top of the third but Red Sox’s Pedroia scored after a single to center field.

The fourth and fifth innings were uneventful with neither team scoring. An intentional walk by the RedSox in the top of the fourth made it so any base would get an out and that is exactly what happen with Danny Valencia.

At the top of the six Gose hits a ground ball. Next up Bautista hit a home run giving Toronto a 7-6 lead. The bottom of the six yielded no scoring for the Red Sox.
The seventh was another dud with neither team scoring.

The top of the eight inning looked like the beginning of the end for a Red Sox win when Reyes lands on first with a line drive to left field. Gose goes for a bunt but is out. Encarnacion nails one out of the park giving Toronto a 2-run lead.

To start Boston's eighth-inning rally, Cespedes and Mike Napoli singled. A double steal put both runners in scoring position with none out, and Betts drove in one with a line-drive to left a batter later. Bogaerts then sliced a two-run double into the right-center field gap to tie the game giving Napoli and Betts each a score.

The ninth left the game tied with no scores leading into the tenth. In the tenth Encarnacion singles on a line drive to left field. Pinch runnner Stroman takes Encarnacion’s place. Next up Mayberry doubles with a line drive to left.  Navarro singles with a ground ball to Pedroia and Marcus scores the first run in the tenth. Mayberry scored the second run with a sacrifice out by Valencia.

Down by two in the bottom of the tenth it looked bleak for the Red Sox but they would rally again starting with a ground ball single by Betts to center field. Next Bogaerts singles on a ground ball to left field.  Vazquez singles on a bunt ground ball to second. With bases loaded Middlebrooks singles on a ground ball to left. Betts makes it back to home plate for a score. Pinch runner Weeks replaces Vazquez. Pedroia sacrifices an out allowing Bogarets to score. After a throwing error Ortiz reaches 1st base. To make the final score possible Cespedes singles on a fly ball to center fielder allowing Weeks to make it home.

With the exciting 10th inning the Redsox clinched the win with a 9-8 lead over the Blue Jays’s.

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