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Friday, September 5, 2014

Roof Rack Additions

A co-worker of mine was looking to buy a roof rack for her Tiguan. Her husband wanted to get a couple kayaks and her car was the only one they could use to transport them. She knew I had one and that I research everything before buying. Like me she was concerned that she would have trouble using her panoramic sunroof if she got one. I explained my research and suggested she save some money by looking on craigslist.

I wanted to send some suggestions so I did the search myself and up came a whole bunch of racks and attachments. I had wanted to get a second bike rack for sometime but didn't want to drop the $150 retail + the adaptor kit for the t-channel. As luck would have it I saw an t-channel configured Big Mouth 599XTR for $50. I wasted no time and e-mailed the guy and set a plan to meet right after work. I'm $50 poorer but now I have a second bike rack at a fraction of the price. The only difference is that it had Honda end caps but I had already ordered a second set of the Thule end caps since I had lost one of mine. I never used them because I had found it before the replacement arrived.


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