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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brimfield Antique Show / Flea Market

Along route 20 in Brimfield, MA is a mile long stretch of road which plays host to the largest outdoor antique shows in New England.  The spectacle occurs three times a year in May July and September and attracts over 5,000 different dealers who set up in 21 fields.

Every year I try to make the trip to find some hidden treasure amongst the tons of junk. This year the heat was stifling and we were all were sweating like crazy. We charged ahead and wandered around some of the fields up and down isles looking for a treasure or two. 

I also always try to find the same booths where I had been before and seen things that I liked. Some of those include:

The Attic Turn Overs booth was where last year I discovered my new coffee table. Their booth was smaller this year than last but was still filled with some of the most amazing things all laid out to make you want to make a purchase. Unfortunately most of their products are large and I am all out of room but if I had a loft in a city they would most definitely be a source for its contents.

Sandstone Gardens is a really good architectural garden booth. They have everything from fountains and pillars to smaller unique items like gargoyles, frogs, and other creatures of the garden. Last year I helped my friend Chris select a gargoyle and this year I made a purchase myself of a little fat frog.

Olde Good Things is another booth were we have found success. They take old ceiling tiles and other reclaimed materials and fashion spectacular tables, benches, mirrors, and wall art. They have many a store in New York City but nothing up here.  Dan bought two more tiles here and Grace picked up a tile and a mirror.

This year I added another booth to my list of favorites. I didn’t catch the name of the dealer but I had seen and even checked out there stuff in years past but never made a purchase. Again as history proves I enjoy things that were repurposed. This booth took metal and created lawn art/ornaments from them and I selected a unique praying mantis mixed media. It had both metal and rock featured prominently. I have a fondness for these amazing creatures as they call my parents beach house yard and hedge their home every year.

After making our purchases and lugging them around the rest of the fields we decided we had had enough and it was time to go.

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