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Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Doug Flutie 5K Training (Week 11)

D o u g   F l u t i e   5 K  T r a i n i n g
S t a t u s   R e p o r t
With my knee still really tender and painful in the morning I decided to take the week off from running and Bravo and allow myself to heal for race day. Hopefully by then I'll be feeling good and ready to go. If not ill limp through the race but either way I'm going to do it.

Since starting training I have run 29.66 total miles. That is a fraction of what I should have run but over all minus the hurt knee I was happy with my speeds.

I recommend that every able bodied person sign up and runt he Doug Flutie 5k to support Autism. For more information visit the Doug Flutie Foundation, or Doug Flutie 5k Info and Sign-up page.

D o u g   F l u t i e   5 K  R a c e   D a y  O c t o b e r   5 t h ,   2 0 1 4

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