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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jura Micro Ena 9

As many people know I had a part time job at Sur La Table. It started as a seasonal distraction and turned into a more long term part time job. I worked all over the store in every department but the area of the store where I spent most of my time in was at the coffee bar.

It was my favorite not because I am a big consumer of coffee drinks but because I had an ability to sell just about any machine to just about any customer.  I sold many Nespresso units but I also sold a fair number of automatic machines. Out of all the machines we sold there was only one that I would buy if I ever decided to get a machine. That machine was the Jura Micro Ena 9.
The Jura Micro Ena 9 is touted as the world's smallest One-Touch automatic cappuccino machine. Its operation is so straightforward that it can be summed up in two words. Press - Enjoy. It can make a multitude of beverages with a  single touch from your basic espresso and coffee to your more complicated cappuccino & latte macchiato. The best part is that you can have any of those at the touch of a button with out ever having to move your cup.
Its amazing to me how much technology is packed into such a small stylish unit. Its programmable features such as volume, temp, strength are all done through a single simple interface and rotary switch. It has an aroma preservation seal to keep your 4.4 oz of beans fresh. It has a Clearyl Blue filter to ensure the purity of the 36.8oz of water used and can make 9 beverages before needing to have the grounds removed.  For those who are energy conscious is has a zero energy switch and can go into a programmable energy save mode.
Each beverage the beans are freshly ground in the multi level conical aroma grinder before entering the high performance thermoblock heating system and then being dispensed under 15 bars of pressure. It also has a shoot for pre-ground coffee if there is someone out there who must have something different. If you are having a milk based beverage the milk is dispensed from its cool control cooler into its own state of the art fine froth technology tips producing a rich and creamy milk. No matter what the size of the beverage the spout is adjustable from 2 to 5.4 inches to allow your cup to fit underneath. The best part is that when its all over it will automatically rinse its self internally including the milk system. It will also do a more robust full clean and descale when necessary at the touch of a button.
I decided it was time to treat myself. I was going to make one final big purchase at Sur La Table before leaving but with a little research I discovered I could actually pick one up for even less then I could with my employee discount. So as an early Christmas gift to myself I ordered it online and even got the cool control container for the attached milk at about 60% off. I was a little nervous that they might be refurbished units. 

When it finally arrived I nervously opened the box wondering if  I had made a bad decision.  I couldn't have been more happy since they were clearly brand new never opened boxes. It won't get a lot of use so it should last me a good long while. I got it at a great price too so I feel good about my acquisition.

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