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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Task 30 – Sal’s Pizza (Old Saybrook, CT)

(30) Eat in 10 New Restaurants (18/20)

Restaurant: Sal’s Pizza & Pasta

Rating: 2-stars

If you read other Yelp user reviews you would swear this place has the best Pizza around. Sadly I would disagree and say that it ranks pretty low in my opinion. I used to love their pizza when they were in the small strip mall in Westbrook. I would even go so far as to have described it as exceptional and worth going well out of your way to get. Not anymore, since they moved to Old Saybrook and built their new building what made it a go to place has been replaced with long lines and lower quality. I have to say it pains me to write a bad review after all the great pizza I have had in the old shop but now the pizza much like the building is gone the way of big business instead of Mama’s kitchen. The pizza used to be light and tasty with such great flavor not normally found but now the crust is tough and the sauce over seasoned. What changed I can’t tell you but for me this isn’t the best pizza in the area anymore. Another user said it best “better pizza is really close but you'll have to pay more”

Even more frustrating is the address on Yelp is now in-correct and when I tried to check-in I was not allowed to. I even tried to update the address but it is now locked and won’t let me. YELP needs to do a better job verifying address information submitted to it. Even sadder is that Sal's own website doesn’t have their new address and they have been in the new shop for a while.

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