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Monday, September 12, 2011

Movie Review – Thor

Movie: Thor
Rating: êêê

Three scientists, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) are in a 4WD van in the New Mexico desert studying an aurora borealis type phenomena. Suddenly a large tornado/lightning storm develops and they drive toward it. The van hits a man inside the maelstrom and they stop, it is a well-built blond haired man, semi-conscious.

In a narrative a voice describes a battle in 900 AD between Frost Giants and Asgardians, the Asgards win and take over the power casket and return to their realm. The speaker is King of the Asgardians’ Odin (Anthony Hopkins) talking to his two sons, one an energetic blond, the other a more thoughtful dark haired boy. Odin says both of them are worthy but only one can be king.

Years later Asgard is having an elaborate ceremony, the blond is now the adult Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and he being formalized as the crown prince. His brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) looks on enviously. Before Odin can make the proclamation alarms go off, and there are intruders in the secure weapon’s room that hold the Frost Giant’s power casket. A large Destroyer robot kills the intruders and saves the day. Examining the remains Odin seems unperturbed yet Thor is angry and wants to attack. Odin says no.

Thor gathers Loki and his close friends, Volstagg (Ray Stevenson), Fandral (Josh Dallas), Hogun (T.Asano) and Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and they ride out to the Bifrost Bridge portal. The guardian, Heimdall (Idris Elba), allows them to pass and travel to the land of the Frost Giants. The six are transported to the frost giant planet, Jötunheim, a frozen crumbling wasteland. Suddenly they are confronted by the King Laufrey (Colm Feore) who taunts the Asgardian heroes.
They suddenly find themselves surrounded by Frost Giant’s and they are offered a chance to leave. The King insults Thor and a battle ensues. Loki survives with some magic and has an unusual reaction when he is touched by an Frost Giant. Laufrey releases a huge beast and the Asgards run for their lives. Thor kills the beast but once again the team is surrounded and things look bleak. Odin arrives to save the day; he apologizes to Laufrey for the intrusion and offers continued peace. Laufrey tells him it is too late and that they are now at war. Odin and the 6 Asgardians vanish and reappear at the Bifrost Bridge.

Back at the portal Odin lets the four friends go and confronts Thor and Loki. Odin is furious and tells Thor he is not fit to be King. He strips him of his power, banishes him to earth and sends his hammer Mjollnir after him a few seconds later, saying only the worthy can use it.

Back to the desert scene Thor gets a little aggressive and Darcy tasers him, knocking him out. The three load him in the van and take him to the nearby town hospital. Once again as he revives he starts fighting and is eventually tranquilized. Erik tries to get Jane to leave him be, he is some kind of nut but she is curious and attracted to him. After deliberation they go back to the hospital but Thor has escaped. As they drive off in the van they hit the Asgard prince again and knock him out but this time they take him with them. Jane gives him clothes that once belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

Later while enjoying food from a local restaurant Thor overhears the locals discussing the satellite crash 50 miles due west, Thor decides to go there and once again Erik tries to get Jane to leave him alone. Thor walks about the town and tries to get a horse.

Government officials arrive and take all Jane’s research and Jane decides to help Thor. She appears and gives him a ride, the two head west in the van.

At the satellite crash where locals were partying and trying to lift the hammer from the crater. Government agents have now taken over the site. After dark Jane and Thor arrive on the scene. Now the crater is surrounded by guards and tenting. Thor attacks and Jane huddles in safety. After beating up many agents Thor is finally knocked down after her reaches the hammer but is unable to lift it either.

Back in Asgard the three friends begin to suspect Loki had something to do with Thor's banishment. Loki realizes he is not a pure Asgard but actually a Frost Giant and Odin had admitted he was taken from Jötunheim as an infant and raised as his own. Loki is confused and angry as Odin collapses and slips into a coma. With Odin comatose Loki is becomes acting King.

On earth Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) questions Thor, he leaves him alone briefly and Loki appears in the room. Loki tells Thor Odin is dead and he cannot be unbanished as a result of an agreement with the Frost Giants. Thor is distraught. Erik arrives to tell the SHIELD agents Thor is Jane's ex husband and is wacked out on steroids. Somehow he has faked the drivers license. Coulson lets Erik take Thor, who secretly grabs Jane's notebook on the way out. Back in town Erik takes Thor out for a drink, the two chug boilermakers and bond. Thor brings the drunk Erik to Jane's trailer home. Thor and Jan go to a rooftop to gaze at the stars, Thor explains the nine realms and the Bifrost Bridge to Jane. Jane figures the bridge is the theoretical Einstein-Rosen Bridge wormhole.

Loki freezes Heimdall at the Bifrost Brdige then goes the and meets Laufey. It was Loki that allowed the Frost Giants into Asgard to go for the power casket earlier in an attempt to disrupt his brother’s coronation as crown prince. He makes a deal with Laufey that he will let them into Asgard again to kill Odin and have take their casket, in return they will go home in peace.

Loki commands the Destroyer to go to earth and kill Thor when he realizes that his friends have passed through the Bifrost Bridge after he ordered that no one shall use it. The giant robot arrives in the New Mexico desert and starts blasting everything with a heat ray. Thor and the three scientist attempt to get everyone away safely. Thor confronts the Destroyer and asks Loki to leave the humans alone in return for himself. Loki can see and hear what is going on from Asgard. The Destroyer gives Thor a vicious backhand slap and sends him tumbling, apparently dead or knocked out. Jane runs to him in tears.

We see Odin in his bed as a tear runs down his cheek and suddenly the hammer Mjollnir releases from the crater and arcs thru the sky to Thor. He is transformed to full life and vigor and fitted in his red cape and armour. He easily defeats the Destroyer and tries to return to Asgard, promising Jane he will return.

In Asgard the Frost Giants invade through the portal, walking past the frozen guard. Laufey goes to Odin's bed chamber and as he prepares to kill the norse god Loki kills Laufey to appear to be the hero. Although frozen Heimdall is conscious and manages to break free. He brings Thor back to Asgard not a moment too soon. Thor flies quickly to fight the Frost Giants and confront his brother.

Loki goes to the Bifrost Portal and sets it up to destroy the ice planet realm. Thor tries to have him stop and the two battle. Thor immobilizes Loki by putting the hammer on his chest and starts to destroy the portal to stop the process. As everything crumbles the two brothers nearly fall into space but Odin appears and is there to hold Thor who holds Loki's staff. Loki admits defeat and allows himself to fall into a disappearing Bifrost Bridge.

All seems back to normal on Asgard, Odin is sad how it all turned out, Thor pines for Jane but Heimdall assures him she is looking for him. Back on earth Jane is in a new lab with new equipment.

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