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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tag Sale Adventures

While I mainly use this blog as a tool to keep my friends, family and any interested parties updated on my DayZero progress I thought I might share some other interesting things about myself. One thing you may or may not know about me is that I love hunting for things and getting them at a rock bottom bargain price. The old days of me buying things without looking at price tags is gone. One great place to get good things cheap are tag sales.

After an adventurous trip to NYC and the Statue of Liberty earlier this weekend I decided to enjoy what’s left at the beach house. I went tag sale-ing which can be a hit or miss but my big find was a like-new Crane Penguin Humidifier. My condo is incredibly dry and I almost always have one running. It had a price tag of $8 and included an un-used demineralization filter cartridge. That seemed like a great deal to me so I picked it up. I picked up a few other interesting little items that totaled another couple bucks.

People have tag sales because they want to unload things but they would prefer to get a little of their original investment back. So they spend all day in their lawns and by the end of the day they hope it’s all gone and they are left with a little cash instead. The great thing about tag sales is that prices are generally negotiable. Rather than throw the stuff away, donate it, or pack it up and return it to the basement they are generally willing to bargain. At the very least you should offer a couple bucks less then what they are asking. Be careful to not offend them with a ridiculous low-ball offer. I offered them $8.00 for everything and after telling me what they originally paid they accepted my offer.

If I were to have purchased these items in a retail store it would have cost me $37.99 for the Crane Penguin Humidifier and another $8.99 for the demineralization filter cartridge. So if you do the math a retail cost of $49.92 w/tax and a purchase price of $8.00 that's a savings of 84%. Not a bad deal.

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