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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Task 18 - Part-Time / Seasonal Job

With the unexpected cost of repairing my car and my usual over the top fall/holiday spending habits I thought I might get a part time seasonal job. I gave this a lot of thought before deciding to do it and even more thought about where I might want to get a job.  I figure that if I am working I wont be spending and why not pull in a little extra money in the process.

When I was deciding where I knew a few things about what kind of job I didn't want. I didn't want to fold cloths or wait tables. I also didn't want a job where I would be interacting with the dregs of earth. I settled on a few possibles. After my recent great experience with the Sur La Table cooking class and my many interactions with the staff I thought it would be an ideal spot.  It fit all of the criteria for what I was looking for.

Last night was my first real night at my new part time job. I had my first day last week where we went through training. I chose a retail position like Sur La Table because of the flexible hours and as an alternative to my day job. This position requires little in the way of mental effort or stress and is a great way for my outgoing personality to shine. April the Assistant Store Manager taught us everything we need to know about the store and the products Sur La Table sells.

I will be working 1-2 nights a week and the occasional weekend during the busy holiday season. My employment will last the holiday season and take me into the new year a little bit. Even better the employee discount will allow me to pick up some pretty nice gifts at awesome prices or take more cooking classes at a significantly reduced rate.

I already have meet some great people such as April who first suggested I get a job there when I was on break during my cooking class. Another employee who has already made the job fun and exciting is Stephanie the Floor Manager I worked with last night.  Everyone seems to be super friendly and even more importantly they want the job to be fun while maintaining a professional approach. They are the most down to earth bunch of people and each and every one I have meet have made me feel welcome and appreciated.

Even better I sold my first espresso machine last night to this very nice young couple who came in about 15 minutes before we started closing down. I will admit they had a good idea what they wanted and beelined right for the machines but it was nice to make a nice high ticket sale on my first real day. We don't work on commission so it doesn't really matter who sold it but it felt nice to have done it.


  1. That’s a good thing! In that way, you can put your efforts into something productive, and in return, you’ll have a budget to spend for the Holidays. :) Good luck on your job! Remember to always have the heart to do your work responsibilities properly, so that the experience will not be tiring but fulfilling. :)

    Rupert  Echard

    1. Thanks for the comment Rupert... I agree it is definitely a great way to make a little spending money for the holidays and a great opportunity to pick up some great kitchen gifts for the family. It's only 1 night a week so far so it isn't getting in the way of my full time job nor would I ever let it