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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Task 96 - Mountain Bike 10 Times

(96) Go mountain biking 10 times (3/10)
Location:    Newton,MA / Watertown, MA
Distance:   3.31 Miles
Time:          19  minutes 46 Seconds
After going home to Dan's the weekend before with the goal of bringing his mountain bike to Newton I was excited to go for a ride together tonight.
With rain in the forecast and it already starting  to sprinkle we decided to go for a quick bike ride and get back before it started to come down hard. I had admittedly planned out a short ride along the Charles River before hand and knew where I wanted to go. While the path I planned was all street we discovered a dirt path that seemed to go along the river and decided to give it a try. We learned that the path was actually part of the Charles River Reservation and lead to the Dealtry Memorial Pool in Watertown, MA. there were several boardwalks that extended out into the river providing everyone beautiful views of the river and an amazing bridge that crossed just before the Watertown Dam
Sadly some people are slobs and there was a significant amount of trash littering the boardwalks. It's really a shame that people not only trash something intended for everyone's enjoyment but that they are polluting nature.

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