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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Movie Review – 127 Hours

Movie: 127 Hours
Rating: 3-Stars
127 Hours is the true story of engineer/mountain climber named Aron Ralston's (James Franco) and his remarkable adventure to save his own life after a fallen boulder traps him in an isolated canyon in Utah.
As an experienced hiker and climber, Ralston is very much in his element when he parks his truck by a mountain near Moab, UT, hops on his mountain bike, and peddles to the middle of nowhere all by himself. Ralston pauses his adventure when he encounters a pair of young female hikers named Kirsti (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn) who have gotten lost while searching for a local landmark; he jovially shows them a sight that most casual hikers miss before bidding them farewell and continuing on his way.
Drifting through the canyons alone, deep in thought, however, the explorer who presumed he was ready for anything quickly discovers just how fast things can go wrong when a rock gives way as he shimmies down a crevice. He suddenly finds himself pinned to the unforgiving wall of stone. Over the course of the next 127 hours, Ralston tries everything he can think of to free himself unsuccessfully.
He hallucinates and has flash backs to small but memorable events in his life -- as well as forward to the future that he might enjoy should he manage to wiggle free. As his body begins the slow process of shutting down he realizes that the only way out is to leave part of himself behind. Exhausted and delirious the adventurer draws his cheap made-in-China multi-tool, and does what it takes to survive.
After cutting off part of his arm he scales a 65 foot wall and hikes over eight miles before he can be rescued.

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