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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Aid, CPR & AED Re-Certification

A few years back I was asked to become a First Responder at work. That meant that I would need to be Occupational First Aid, CPR and AED Trained. Certification only last 2 years and so it was time to re-certify.

Rick, our friendly safety trainer returned and again we learned the importance of proper training and re-certification.  He follows the guidelines as directed by the National Safety Council (NSC) which meets ECC Guidelines and OSHA standards.

Our training took place  3 hours a day for 2 days. Day one was more instructional with videos, discussions & quizzes. Day 2 was more fun with hands on activities such as learning CPR with the use of dummies and practicing proper glove use and removal. We also learned how to position a victim in the Recovery Position should we find them unconscious.

Once the re-certification course was completed I will admit I did feel a renewed sense of preparedness to act in an emergency and more confident in my abilities to really assist and provide life saving care until a professional arrives. It is important to remember that while trained in First Aid and CPR it is vital and can save lives that you can only help and provide assistance if you have been trained and never provide assistance outside of the scope of your training.

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