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Friday, August 30, 2013

Juicing 3-Day Challenge: Day 3 (End Day)

With Day 3 now over I wanted to reflect on the experience. I can understand why juicing isn't for everyone. It's expensive, time consuming, and certainly not easy to stick too. What I will say is that even having only done the 3-day challenge I felt much more energy in the mornings then I usually feel and I lost 5 pounds in three days. That's not bad. Juicing is a great way to Reboot your system and I can definitely say my cravings for the sweets while not gone has definitely been curbed.

What I will say is that it has to be something you really want to do. The hunger feelings were sometimes hard to manage but the reward I feel was worth it. You also need to make sure if you have a family that they support your choice and assist you. Its very hard to have people around you eating delicious but bad food while you are sustaining yourself on produce and fruit juices.

While I will admit this I enjoyed the process I see it as something I will occasionally do to kickstart better eating habits but I don't have the will power to sustain an all juice diet for much longer then the 3-days I did it. I will admit that there were a few juices that I would and could see myself making because they tasted delicious. The Morning Sunrise and the Peach Pie Delight are worth it.

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