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Friday, August 23, 2013

AW110 Goes Salty: It's time to sink or swim.

As I get ready for the trip to Hawaii I figured I should try out the new waterproof camera. I have taken it to the pool and wasn't surprised at how well the pictures came out. I was curious how it might do in salt water especially where the water isn't crystal clear like a pool.

While at the beach in Ogunquit, ME I decided it was time to sink or swim for the camera and dunked it in the cold salt waters of the Atlantic Ocean. While I didn't dive under with it I was pleased at how well it did considering the surf and turned up sand at the beach. There was also a considerable tide what forced me to wedge the camera into the sandy bottom so it wouldn't be taken away. I took a few shots before and after the plunge. I was as pleased with its abilty underwater as I was with its above water performance. I expected to have to wipe the water off the lense but it beeded off almost immediately and left me with a clear picture.


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