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Monday, April 16, 2012

Task 30 - Tenka Asian Bistro (Westborough, MA)

Restaurant: Tenka Asian Bistro
Address:     153 Boston Tpke Rd
                     Ste 9W
                     Westborough, MA 01581
                     (508) 366-7799

Stars:          3 Stars

I had never been and saw that they were on so I picked up a $25.00 certificate for Hibachi. When we arrived there were three hibachi stations with people at them already. We told the host we wanted Hibachi and he responded that it could be a while and did we want to sit at the bar or come back.

I asked why it would be a while since there are 6 stations and he indicated that they had only a single cook working. We decided to sit at the table and wait. The first thing I noticed was that the table was sticky and clearly had not been well cleaned. Before I could say anything the host asked us if we would move to a different table large enough to accommodate us and another group that just arrived and also wanted hibachi.

We watched as the chef cooked the meals of the other two tables and the staff seemed to be running around frantically trying to keep up. It appears that they need to work on their staffing levels.

After what seemed like forever our turn came. I ordered the Filet Mignon and Shrimp. The cook was very skilled at both cooking and entertaining us while he cooked. He did the usual onion volcano and really put on a show with the knives.

The meal its self was great the fried rice was light and tasty and the filet mignon was cooked perfectly. The vegetables were tender and fresh and the noodles were tasty but I could have gone without them. It was a lot of food and I definitely found that I overate. We did discover however that those that ordered the white rice instead of the fried rice never received their rice. Again I attribute this to the poor staffing levels.

When the bill came everything matched up but they charged me for 2 soda’s instead of 1. I thought that was a bit tacky to charge for a refill given the long wait because of their staffing snafu. Would I return? Yes but I wouldn’t rush back.

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