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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Task 75 - Buy an Eames Lounge Chair

I remember the first time I first sat in an Eames lounge chair, I was about 16 and in the home of a family friend. I can’t say I appreciated it for its iconic design or its perfect proportions but rather I remember how comfortable it was. Immediately I was hooked and knew someday I would have one.

When I finally bought my own place it was one of the first things I decided I wanted to buy. I researched it and it was then I discovered that they were a tad expensive. OK not a tad but very very expensive. That crushed my immediate dreams of it being my first furniture purchase.

I didn’t give up hope and kept my eyes out for one on craigslist or at an auction. There are many reproductions and other knock offs listed and I decided that if I was going to do it I would get the real thing.

Even when I refurnished my whole place I couldn’t bring myself to pay the fee for one and a spot has always been left for where one might eventually go. As luck would have it two became available at an auction in Nahant, MA in an amazing home overlooking the water and Bass Rock. My dad and I went for the ride and the house and all its contents were being sold to the highest bidder. Apparently the house belonged to some fashion designer who got in over his head and lost everything.

I waited eagerly for them to come up and when they finally did my hopes were again dashed by reserve bids exceeding what I was able to or at least willing to spend for one. I wasn’t too terribly upset since they weren’t exactly what I wanted. One was white leather with ash and the other was red leather with cherry. I really had my heart set on the black leather and the palisander wood combination.

Years have gone by and every time I see one a little bit of me yearns for one. A few months ago while in Boston Dan and I stopped into Design within Reach who were having a floor sample sale but even then it was more money they I wanted to spend.

Anyways enough with the poor me and my expensive chair since I finally did it. I finally put my money where my mouth was and ordered it. Well not really. I put my credit where my wallet was and got a 0% for 12 months option. At least it wasn’t a onetime hit to the wallet. Now everytime I sit in the chair for the next 12 months I can calculate what it costs me. I am going to enjoy sitting back and relaxing in it for the first time. My parents also contributed towards it as my birthday present. Thanks Mom & Dad. Last night I spent the whole evening cleaning and reorganizing my living room so when it arrives next week I can have it unpackaged and in place immediately. 


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