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Friday, April 4, 2014

DIY: Pot Rack

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms in any house and people often argue that they are not big enough and that is definitely the case for me. It's not that my kitchen isn't a perfectly acceptable size given the total living space of my condo but I have a unique opportunity to purchase high quality kitchen tools at a significantly reduced price from my part time job. It is a result of that circumstance that I have filled my kitchen with all sorts of great kitchen tools. My large half round hanging pot rack quickly filled to capacity with Ceramic Titanium Non-Stick Scanpan CTX Cookware.

That pot rack however wasn't large enough to hang all my new cookware. I ended up with a few large pieces that just didn't fit neatly and were too nice to be hidden away in a cabinet. It left me wondering if I should replace my current pot rack with something larger or add an additional one.

This Old House Concept
I decided after researching that I really didn't have the room for a larger version of the one I already had and I didn't have the space to add additional rack. I decided instead that my only option was a bar style rack mounted to the kitchen side of my breakfast bar wall. I searched high and low but found nothing that I thought would work for me at a reasonable price point. While looking I did come across an interesting DIY pot rack project on The scale was too large for me but the idea was perfect.

With the concept in mind I set off to Home Depot/Lowes to gather the materials necessary to make the simple bar of galvanized pipe. I picked up a 36" galvanized pipe, 2 Street-90 elbows and 2 flanges. I also picked up a small box of heavy duty stainless steel screws I would need to secure it safely to the wall and 4 heavy duty s-hooks to hang my cookware from. I learned quickly that it wasn't an inexpensive project. When I made it to the self checkout I realized quickly that I had over $70 worth of parts.

I got home and assembled my planed configuration. When I held it up to the wall I couldn't have been more pleased with the size, scale and look of my DIY pot rack. After some quick measurements I marked the wall and screwed the flanges to the wall. I hung my extra cookware and was very pleased with the final result. What do you all think?

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