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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Task 91 – Eastern Bank Flutie 5K Training Day 1

(91) Run a 5k or participate in a Warrior Dash

Event:        13th Annual Eastern Bank Flutie 5K
Date:          Sunday, October 14, 2012 at 11:05am
Location:   MetroWest Medical Center - Leonard Morse Hospital
                   67 Union Street,
                   Natick, MA 01760


In attempt to check off yet another item on my bucket list of 101 things in 1001 days I have decided to participate in the Eastern Bank Flutie 5k on October 14, 2012. The 5k road race benefits the Doug Flutie Jr Foundation for Autism. They provide assistance to disadvantaged families who have children with autism and to fun education and research into the causes and consequences of childhood autism.

Today marks 72 days until race day and I thought I had better start training and what better day to start.

My friend Dan who has run the Chicago Marathon offered to help me prepare and run with me while I work to get back in running shape. He runs a 1.4 mile loop near his house and suggested it might be a good starting point.

We started our run on Kendall Lane and proceeded south to HF Brown Way where we took the left. I made it .5 miles before I had to slow down and walk for a minute before starting again. I was pleased with my pace when I was running and my stride and form is still good. I just need to work on my endurance until I can run without and walking. We continued on HF Brown way until we reached Waverly Street where we took a left again. I unfortunately again had to walk for a minute before continuing. When I got back to Kendall Lane where I took another left for the final leg of the run. I walked my third time for 1 minute before finishing off the planned route to the end stopping exactly where I began.

It is amazing to me how out-of-running-shape this small run showed me that I am. It hurt and felt good all at the same time. I finished the 1.42 miles in 14:30 seconds with an average of a 10:11 min/mile. Hardly anything to brag about but I was pleased for training day 1. I am not as young and certainly not in the same shape I once was. Maybe this will be the catalyst I need to get myself back in the great shape.

I set up the following training schedule. I will run every other day slowly increasing my distance and hopefully my endurance and by the day of the race hopefully I'll be running the whole distance in a reasonable amount of time. 71 more days till I race wish me luck.  If you want to run too click the link to their website and sign up it is only $25.00 bucks which supports a great cause and if you are 1 of the first 800 you get a free dryfit t-shirt too.


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