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Monday, July 16, 2012

Task 96 - Go Mountain Biking 10 times (Assabet River Rail Trail)

(96) Go mountain biking 10 times (7/10)

Location:  Assabet River Rail Trail (Marlborough, MA – Hudson, MA)
Distance: 10.13 Miles
Time:        1 Hour 5 Minutes

With the heat soaring in the mid 90’s I wasn’t particularly excited about riding today. My brother of course wanted to go deep into the woods again but I suggested a more leisurely ride where we could take the kids and maybe even get my nephew to try riding without his training wheels.

He agreed that would be a good idea and that we could do it at the Assabet River Rail Trail and that it was about a mile away so we could ride our bikes there and meet my sister-in-law there with the kids so we could get a little more riding in. I agreed not realizing that my brother’s measurement skills are lacking and fired up run tracker and off we went. It is actually 4 miles away. The trip there wasn’t so bad mostly downhill with one climb that was a killer. 

Once we were there we got the kids on the trail and began following the Assabet River Rail Trail. It is a nicely paved path very level that follows Main Street to the center of Hudson. My nephew and I stopped and took our pictures with the rail car that is on display. This trail goes on for about a mile with a great stop off spot at McD’s to satisfy the kids hunger. I know not healthy but we were all a bit hungry.

Sadly my iPhone battery wasn’t cooperating and I had to stop tracking my ride. Thankfully Run Tracker lets you edit your ride so the distance calculated is accurate but the calories burned is about ½ and the pace and climb are not correct. My fault for not making sure the phone was fully charged before beginning.

We began the trip back to the car and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. Myy nephew seemed to be growing in confidence the whole ride although we didn’t get the training wheels off. I am hopeful that next time he will be ready to give it a try.

Once the kids were loaded up my brother and I had the not so fun task of riding back to the house another 4 miles this time in the dark. Thankfully the roads are lightly travelled and my sister-in-law followed us to keep the street illuminated. This return trip nearly killed me. I don’t know if it was just the intense heat or if the McD’s did me in but It was torture. I struggled to make it back and nearly collapsed when I got there.

It wasn’t even close to my longest ride but I’d say it was my hardest given the temperature and the humidity. I was a pool of sweat by the end.

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