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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Task 30 - Marley's Cafe (Essex, CT)

(30) Eat in 10 New Restaurants (55/20)

Restaurant: Marley's Cafe

Rating:          4-Stars - Food
                      1-Star Service and Management

What a quaint little breakfast cafe located on the Essex Marina Island. To get there you have to take a small free boat ride. The small ferry can only accommodate 6 at a time but the round trip is quick. When you debark from the ferry at the top of the ramp you find Marley's Cafe. It's a small restaurant with about a half dozen tables inside and a patio with a dozen outdoor tables with umbrella's.

When we arrived all the tables were full and we put our name down on the list. It didn't take long before we were sitting at one of the outside tables. We all ordered Eggs Benedict since that is their specialty. Dad, Dan and I all ordered the Californian Eggs Benedict and my mother the regular House Eggs Benedict. I ordered a water with lemon and they all ordered the Coffee.

It took forever for the coffee to come and once it did only two cups came out. She also brought no cream with her. My dad went and asked for cream so two could enjoy their cups before they got cold. The third was waiting for a new pot to brew. The first two cups were empty by the time the third came out and I had to ask for my water 3 times.Our waitress clearly couldn't multi task and was easily distracted and forgot about things she was asked for. It was a very painful process.

About 45 minutes had gone by and no food. I went in to investigate and was told they were coming out right now. Two of the breakfasts did anyways. the third took another 25 minutes and the 4th took 35 minutes. I multiple times asked to speak to the manager at this point and was told there wasn't one but the owner was there. I asked our waitress to come over.

She avoided our table like the plague. Mean while the table next to us who had been waiting almost as long gave up and left as their meals were just coming out and refused to pay for anything. At this point we had finished our meals which the slow and painful service aside were excellent but I still had not gotten to speak to the owner.

Finally I cornered the owner to express my dissatisfaction with the service and she conceded that we were not the only table complaining. She apologized for the wait but was not sincere with her apology and was honestly very rude. She repeated that it wasn't her fault but that they were doing the best they could. When I tried to get a reason for why the meals didn't come out at the same time she gave no excuse. I told her I expected an adjustment to the bill which we were ready for and she walked away.

It took another 20 minutes to get the bill. My dining companions were far more patient then I. I was ready to walk away. When the bill came no adjustment was made and I voted to skip out on the bill since it took over 2 hours to be served. I was unfortunately out voted. We paid but left no tip.

Even though I would rate the food 4 -stars the service was so bad I can't give this place any more then 1 star.

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