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Friday, April 24, 2015

Bahamas - Day 8

As our last morning in the Bahamas we opted for one final breakfast at the Sea Grape. As usual we ordered the Breakfast sampler. After a satisfying meal and full stomachs we did one final walk through of the rooms to make sure we weren't leaving behind before heading down to return the beach towels and check out.

When we returned to the room we lined up our luggage by the door and all took one final shower. We all opted to wear shorts with a plan to change into pants in Atlanta. It was just too hot to wear pants. Like a jigsaw puzzle we squeezed all four of us and our luggage into the "little shitbox" one final time for the drive to Grand Bahama International Airport.

It was the. We realized there were two departure terminals. One just for US passengers and another for domestic and non-US departures. In comparison the non-US terminal looked much like the rest of the island, Tired and worn. We pulled into Hertz Return Parking and said goodbye to the car that helped us explore the island. As much of a POS as it is it had great air conditioning and was a reliable mode of transportation around the island.

As we entered the terminal I dropped the keys at the return counter and proceeded to the Delta Check-In counter. With no bags to check we only needed to complete our customs form before passing through airport security. Grace hadn't packed well and forgot to remove all her liquids. Unfortunately TSA wasn't overly kind and made a mess of her suitcase while searching for it requiring her to completely repack it.

Next we entered US Customs where our completed forms were reviewed and questions asked. My customs official asked about one of my listed purchases, a wooden fish. Given the possibility of insects hitching a ride to the main land it had to be reviewed for any signs of infestation. Knowing the trouble bugs like the Asian Long Horn beetle can cause I understood. Thankfully, Leonardo the artist who carved my purchase, had selected mahogany and it was clear of any indications of insects. Grace also got stopped and sneaked by as well. 

Having cleared security and customs we didn't have to wait long for the plane to take us home. Sadly once boarded we found ourselves waiting for a passenger from the arriving flight who had forgotten his passport and was refused entry into the Bahamas. Having over a 5 hour layover in Atlanta I was 't worried.

Atlanta was the typical zoo when we arrived. With such a long layover our flight to Hartford was t yet posted. After speaking to a Delta agent we headed for the T terminal. It was much quieter and we decided it was a good time to eat. We picked TGIF where I had the mixed grill sirloin and ribs. After dinner we settled into a row of seats and waited for our flight gate to be announced. 

As we expected it did move from Terminal T to Terminal B where we had landed on the arriving flight. We hopped on the Plane Train again and located our gate. With 3 more hours before leaving we changed from shorts into pants and explored the terminal shops.

Again our flight was delayed but this time as a result of flight staff tardiness caused by another late flight. Once on the plane for our last leg of travel Grace and I worked on our respective blogs before forgetting any details. As we got closer to home we flew past NYC and I managed to take a few pictures of the city below

Our pilot made up some of that lost time and we arrived only a few minutes late. day's father was kind enough to to pick us up. After a quick hello at his house we headed back to my place. Dan would drop Chris and I off and he and Grace would continue on. I would then drop Chris off at his house befor finally turning in. By the time this dance act was complete it was about 2 am. Beat and tired I was asleep befor my head hit the pillow.

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