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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LTC Application & Appointment

Sample of a Fingerprint Sheet
Roughly a year ago I began my journey to obtain my LTC. Through no fault other than my own procrastination I still don’t have it. Delayed long enough I made it a New Year’s resolution to finish the process. I called the city licensing office the first week of January to schedule my LTC appointment only to discover they were scheduling 3 months out.

Flash Forward: After waiting a long 3 months, today I took the next step and submitted my application at the Worcester Police Department and got finger printed. It was a painless process and a surprisingly short visit.

I had expected a lengthy interview with lots of questions with an interrogation tone much like others I know had experienced but that wasn’t the case. After an accuracy review of my application to ensure I had completed it correctly and filling out a few forms my interviewing officer then fingerprinted me. 

The finger printing part was the most interesting to me. They did each finger individually then they did the thumbs a second time and then all four other fingers together.

That was it. Now I must wait again for 2 months while the application process is completed to find out if I will receive my Class A Large Capacity License To Carry. 

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