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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Task 33- Catch 2 Live Sporting Events (New England Patriots vs. Denver Bronco's)

While I’m not a true die hard fan of football anytime I’m given the opportunity to root on my home town team I jump at the chance. There is nothing like being in the stadium watching a game live and when I was offered Box Seats to the biggest matchup of the year I took them.

The rivalry between Payton Manning and Tom Brady was a hotly anticipated event. The heat of their battle however was nearly extinguished by the blisteringly cold winds that howled through Gillette Stadium on Sunday night. After three, count them, three fumbles early in the first quarter by the New England Patriots the Denver Bronco’s were so far in the lead no one would have ever guess the Patriots would recover.

The second quarter didn’t give Patriots fan’s much hope a comeback against the Denver Bronco’s was possible with them widening the gap to 24-0 by half time.

In the third the New England Patriots rallied and scored 31 straight points leaving a now terrified Denver Bronco’s scrambling to recover. The fourth quarter was evenly matched with game tied at the buzzer.  In overtime a fumble by the Bronco’s Carter left the ball in Patriots possession and Gronkowski scoring a 3 point field goal to win the game.
This game was a disaster for both teams each with 6 fumbles. It was Mother Nature who could claim true victory by blowing the ball around like a balloon and clearing the stadium of many of its fans unable to combat the bitter temperatures and 20mph winds by halftime.


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