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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hawaii - Day 7 & 8 (Fly Home)

After a great vacation so far we all woke up sad that this was our last morning in Hawaii. With a scheduled pickup by Speedie Shuttle at 1:30pm for our 4:05pm flight we decided to head out for breakfast and some last minute shopping on Kalakaua Ave.

We started at the International Market Place at the koa wood dealer where I had already picked up a few really nice items earlier in the trip. While I didn't add any additional purchases to my large pile of things I had already packed it was nice to get one final look at everything she had.

We continued walking to our goal destination being this $5 breakfast place Dan had been wanting to try all week. After waiting in the long line for only a few minutes we got lucky and scored a table with out too much effort. In no time at all our food had arrived and we were enjoying our eggs, sausage, and hash browns.

After finishing breakfast we talked about the many things we did and each picked a favorite. Everyone came to the same conclusion that the Fly-Away to the Volcano's and Ha: Breath of Life were the top two attractions.

We again talked about our disappointment in having missed the opportunity to see Pearl Harbor because of the government shutdown but agreed that the trip as a whole was a blast.

As we walked back to the hotel we stopped by one of the many Honolulu Cookie Company stores and picked up several boxes of cookies to bring home as gifts. I know my dad will enjoy them so I got him a nice box set of their coconut collection.

Chris wanted to swing by the lucky store I had hit a few days ago but on our way we found the sidewalk closed for filming. Nothing exciting and certainly not Hawaii Five-O but instead some retail commercial.

When we finally got the go ahead to continue on we found that Lucky was closed. We still aren't sure if they just hadn't opened yet or if it was closed because of the filming.

We returned to the hotel having finished everything we wanted to do and decided to relax for a couple hours. At about 11:00 I suggested we grab a pizza before checking out. Little did I know we were supposed to have checked out by 11:00. We asked for an extension to 12 Noon and ate and showered quickly.

Not wanting to hang out in the hotel lobby for 1.5 hours I called Speedi Shuttle and managed to get an earlier pickup.

By 1:00 we were sitting in the airport lounge ready to fly home. Boarding was a breeze and our long flight with a stop over in Atlanta had begun. It wasn't until the next day at 12:00 Noon had we touched down in Hartford.

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