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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Whalers Brewing Company

On the ground floor of an old stone mill in Wakefield, RI is the brew child of Josh Dunlap, Wes Staschke & Andy Tran. Whalers Brewing Company has that true brewery feel with concrete floors, tables made from wooden barrels and lobster pots.  The friendly staff, pool tables, and corn hole games round out that neighborhood hangout vibe.  On our recent visit they had six unique brews available for sampling. 

The first flight we were served included three different brews. Our first beer was the Berliner Weisse, described as a moderate yet pleasant blueberry aroma which leads to a tart light body with a dry fruity finish. It had an ABV 5% and a new growler would cost you $12 And a refill a reasonable $8. This definitely wasn't your typical brew. It had a very tart blueberry lemonade taste with a very mouth puckering initial bite.  After a few sips we seemed to adjust and enjoy its fruitiness. One word Tart. 

Next we tried a more traditional brew. This Hefeweizen  is described as 100% white wheat malt and hallertau hops producing a hazy straw colored ale with banana and cloves on the nose. It had a slightly higher ABV at 5.25%. I found this very hoppy and the light flavor of banana was as described. It was clean with a fresh taste but the hoppy after taste hung around a bit too long. One word crisp 

The third brew on our first flight was the Olneyville Megazord, named after the Power Ranger.  It was described as a dry hopped brown ale with a semi-sweet chocolate aroma to start. Followed by a roasted malt body and a clean bitter cascade finish. It had a much higher ABV of 8.4%. It was very heavy with a cough syrup like consistency. It's intense hop flavor was followed a bitter black licorice after taste. One word Heavy. 

Our second flight included three me brews.  The fist was their "new flagship brew" an East Coast IPA described as a  dark amber IPA which delivers an upfront floral aroma with a smooth malt body and complex hop finish. It had an average ABV of 6.5%. I didn't enjoy this one at all. It had a very very very hoppy flavor with an intense after taste that lingered way too long.  I didn't taste the upfront floral but it did had a smooth malty taste. Even with the smooth malt I would describe this one as Harsh. 

Our fifth brew was their Belgian Tripel described as a light colored ale with an impeccable balance of both a malt & hop aroma. It was fermented with Trappist yeast giving this beer a strong yet sweet kick at the end. It had the highest ABV with 9.5%.  It had a boozy sweet banana and warm honey flavor with a balanced taste  it was very smooth and easy on the pallet. It had more of that banana flavor then the Hefeweizen. I'd describe it as a Banana Cream Pie. 

Our final brew was the Hazelnut Stout. It got the most feedback on the reviews. It was described as a cream stout with a light hazelnut aroma accompanied by a smooth velvety body that leaves lingering dark chocolate and coffee notes. It had an average ABV of 6.5%.  I enjoyed this one. It had a Strong but smooth cold brew espresso coffee flavor with hazelnut undernotes.  The dark chocolate creamy after taste was very pleasant. I could see this beer with a little ice cream as a fantastic Dessert. 

With all our beer consumed it was time to decide on a couple growlers to bring home. We decided that we would take home two of the Belgian Tripel since it was the overwhelming favorite amongst the group. As part of the Living Social we only needed to pay the refill charge of $9 per growler instead of the $12 for a new one. We also got 4 glasses to bring home and while it should have been a fluted or standard pint we asked for the flight sized glasses instead. 

One thing to note. The bathroom is across the parking lot in the basement of an adjacent mill building and reminded me of a set for For the ladies I wouldn't recommend going on your own after sundown but during the day I'm sure you're fine. 

I'd recommend this place for anyone who enjoy local breweries and a fun place to enjoy a beer and the friendly neighborhood.  

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